Steel Mill Greases

Lithoplex ST

SynDurance ST Synthetic Greases

CompKleen Synthetic Cleaner

Calsuplex MP Grease

Premium Coupling Grease



CITGO UltraLife CSEP 5M Grease is an advanced calcium sulfonate complex grease engineered to provide outstanding EP (Extreme Pressure) performance, and superior corrosion protection in a variety of high temperature applications.

UltraLife CSEP 5M Grease




Steel Mill Bearing Oils

CITGO Pacemaker SD ‘‘Super Demulsibility’’ Oils are high quality circulating lubrication oils, with superior oil/water separation characteristics, oxidation stability, and rust and corrosion protection specifically designed for steel mill applications. Available in viscosity grades 220, 320, 460 and 680. CITGO Pacemaker Oils exceed Siemens AG requirements for Morgoil® Advanced Bearing Lubricant “Super Demulsibility” specification.

Pacemaker SD –  Morg Oil Type

CITGO CITGEAR XCO Oils are premium lubricants that provide excellent bearing and gear lubrication performance in steel industry applications such as high speed rod mills.

Citgear XCO Oils


Hydraulic Oils for Steel Mills

Designed to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems where fire-resistant fluids are required. It contains enough water to prevent ignition that could occur in hydraulic systems operating under high pressure through sudden line ruptures or fluid contact with a high-temperature source. Applications include slab caster slide gates and casting machines, hot mill roll force and roll balance hydraulics, pickle line and welders, and annealing.

FR WG-40XD Hydraulic Fluid

Glycol FR-5046HP Hydraulic Fluid