Penreco produces high quality White Petrolatum that complies with White Petrolatum USP requirements and FDA requirements ( 21 CFR 172.880). Penreco Petrolatum products are available in multiple viscosity ranges and are extremely suitable for your personal care formulations.


Penreco offers the following Petrolatum USP products:

•Amber Pet USP
•Blond Pet USP
•Cream White Pet USP
•Regent White Pet USP
•Royal Pet USP
•Snow White Pet USP
•Super White Pet USP
•Ultima White Pet USP

Penreco offers the following Technical Petrolatum product line:
•1180 Industrial Pet
•Red Tech Pet
•3070 Tech Pet

Penreco offers the following Mineral Jelly products:
•Mineral Jelly No. 5
•Mineral Jelly No. 10
•Mineral Jelly No. 15

If you have questions regarding this product, or need help finding the right grade of Petrolatum for your formulation, please contact or call us at 1-800-437-3188.

Application Guide Petrolatum


Personal Care Applications for Petrolatums:

Creams and Lotions
Dental Adhesives
Hair Products
Lip Balms
Petroleum Gauzes Petroleum Jellies
Topical Ointments