Specialty Oils & Greases

High Performance lubes and greases for industrial and transportation applications

Western States Oil International offers a wide variety of high-performance oils and greases, designed to assure our customers of the highest standards of performance. We service the transportation and manufacturing sectors with reliable strong brands, such as CITGO, CLARION, SUMMIT, VANGARD, HENKEL and others with competitive prices, and dedicated service to assure our customers get the support they need.

Bonderite L-FM PL-A Acheson

BONDERITE L-FM PL-A ACHESON (Known As DTI PL-A POST LUBE) is a semi-synthetic ester based product which has been formulated for use as an electrostatically applied post-lubricant. BONDERITE L-FM PL-A ACHESON allows for easy can stripping and is compatible with the Henkel family of can cleaning products. The BONDERITE L-FM PL-A ACHESON is a key part of the Henkel integrated lubricant program and is developed around the successful DTI series of Cupping Lubricants. Unlike conventional post-lubes, BONDERITE L-FM PL-A ACHESON enhances cupper lubricant performance for greater latitude in cup/can forming, extended tool life and reduced bleed through on finished cans.


CITGO CITGEAR MGW-OGL is an asphaltic open gear lubricant designed to protect heavily loaded open gears. CITGO CITGEAR MGW-OGL provides a heavy, dense film that includes extreme pressure additives that ensure smooth operation even on gears that operate under harsh conditions. This gear lubricant contains a solvent for ease in handling and application. Applications include: grinding mill gear and pinion, ball grinding mill gear and pinion, girth gears, SAG mill gears, and cement kiln open gears.


CITGO CITGEAR WT 320 is a synthetic gear lubricant designed specifically for wind turbine gear lubrication. CITGO CITGEAR WT 320 meets industrial gear oil standard DIN 51517-3. Recommended for wind turbine gear lubrication and can also be used in industrial gear applications requiring extreme pressure (EP) protection, operating under a wide range of temperatures, and where a long lasting fluid is desired.

CalTrans Transformer Oils

CalTrans Transformer Oils offers highly-refined, clean, and stable electrical insulating fluids that meet ASTM D3487 for Type I and Type II oils. Caltran Transformer Oils have good dielectric properties, high thermal stability and good resistance to oxidation. The Caltran product line also includes a full range of negative gassing tendancy products. Calumet participates in the Annual DOBLE Survey on Transformer Oils.

CITGO Glycol FR-5046HP

CITGO Glycol FR-5046HP is a high pressure polymer thickened water-glycol fluid which gives superior fire-resistance at pressures in excess of 5,000 psi. Pump test results (see Tables 1, 2 and 3) show CITGO Glycol FR-5046HP low pump wear rate performance to be essentially equivalent or significantly better than synthetics, phosphate esters and polyol esters. CITGO Glycol FR-5046HP, therefore, provides long pump life at high pressures, excellent fire safety plus lower cost than synthetics.

UCON Fluids – UCON EHC-846 – UCON™

UCON Fluids – UCON EHC-846 – UCON™ polyalkylene glycol formulated fluids include calendar lubricants, coatings fluids, hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, solder assist fluids, defoamers, textile rubber fluids, and food grade lubricants. They feature excellent lubricity, high viscosity indices, low pour points, clean burning properties, strong stability, and gas solubility and work well where high temperatures can degrade petroleum-based products. Applications range from hydraulic fluids to quenchants, and from machinery, gear and bearing lubricants to compressor lubricants.