CITGO Automotive Lubricants

CITGO Aruba and the Aruban Government Finalized Agreement to Re-open Refinery

Authorities from the governments of Aruba and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and officials from Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) and CITGO Aruba, gathered to witness the execution of a commercial agreement between CITGO Aruba and the Aruban government that will reopen a 209,000 B/D refinery located in San Nicolas, Aruba. More…

CITGO Awards Scholarships to Corpus Christi Students Poised to Become First-Generation College Graduates

Fifteen college-bound students attending high schools in the Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD) were awarded the CITGO First in Family Scholarship, thanks to support from CITGO Petroleum Corporation and the Corpus Christi Education Fund (CCEF). More…


Passenger Car Oils

SUPERGARD® European Formula Motor Oils   English   

SUPERGARD® Full Synthetic SAE 0W-16 Motor Oil   English   

SUPERGARD® Motor Oils   English   Spanish

SUPERGARD® Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40 Motor Oil   English   

SUPERGARD® Synthetic Motor Oils   English   Spanish

SUPERGARD® UltraLife® Motor Oils   English   Spanish

Heavy Duty Oils

CITGARD® 500 Engine Oil SAE 25W-60   English   

CITGARD® 500 HSN Engine Oil SAE 15W-40   English   Spanish

CITGARD® 500 HSN Engine Oil SAE 20W-50   English   

CITGARD® 500 HSN Engine Oils   English   

CITGARD® 600 Engine Oils Single-Viscosity   English   Spanish    Multi-Viscosity    English   Spanish

CITGARD® 700 Synthetic Blend Engine Oils SAE 10W-30 & 15W-40   English   Spanish

CITGARD® CNG/LNG Engine Oil SAE 15W-40   English   

CITGARD® HD Engine Oil   English   

CITGARD® Stationary Diesel Engine Oil SAE 15W-40   English   

CITGARD® SynDurance® PLUS Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils   English

CITGARD® SynDurance® Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils   English   Spanish

CITGARD® Transit Low Ash Engine Oil SAE 15W-40   English   

Small Engine Oils

Multi-Purpose Air-Cooled 2-Cycle Engine Oil English Spanish

SUPERGARD® Air Cooled 2-Cycle Engine Oil   English   Spanish

SUPERGARD® Marine Plus Grease   English   Spanish

SUPERGARD® Marine Plus Lower Unit Premium Gear Lubricant   English   Spanish

SUPERGARD® Marine Plus Two-Cycle Engine Oil   English   Spanish

SUPERGARD® Sea & Snow 2-Cycle Engine Oil   English   Spanish