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BP, Mobil, Shell - Aviation Products since 1956

Western States Oil is please to offer the BP, SHELL, MOBIL, and Phillips Aviations Oils

Available in 24 quart cases and 55 gallon drums.

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bp-responsiveEastman Turbo Oils (Formerly BP) Data Sheets and SDS

2380          SDS

2389          SDS

274            SDS

2197          SDS

Phillips Piston Engine Oilsphillips aviation

Phillips X/C 20w50

Phillips X/C 25w60

Phillips Type M 20w50

Phillips Victory 100AD

Phillips 100AW




Aeroshell Products

Aeroshell 500

Aeroshell 560

Aeroshell 15w50

Aeroshell 4

Aeroshell 41