Jeff Lopes, General Manager

Jeff Lopes, General Manager


Western States Oil International

The foundation of the business began as a SIGNAL OIL Distributor in San Jose, California by Frank Lopes. In 1947, SIGNAL Oil Company was purchased by Chevron Oil Company, which gave way to the founding of Western States Oil Company in 1956, by Frank’s son, Tom Lopes.

In 1982, Steve and Jeff Lopes purchased Western States Oil from their father Tom, and continued the tradition of serving the fast growing economies of northern California with diesel, gasoline and lubricants.

During the 80’s, as California became a strong economic partner with the Pacific Rim countries like Japan, China and Korea, Western States Oil developed business ties as a supplier of high quality lube oils and greases with fellow lube oil distributors, factories and clients around Asia.

In order to better serve its growing customer base, Western States Oil International was formed in 1994.  Our first office in China was opened as a wholly foreign owned corporation (WFOE), to oversee it’s customers throughout China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and further abroad.

Today, Western States Oil International serves its various types of customers,  including Distributors, Governments, and Factories with exceptional products solving difficult problems. Our reputation as a reliable, stable and safe business partner has spanned more than three decades across Asia.

We appreciate your interest in Western States Oil International and look forward to hearing from you.

General Manager – Jeff Lopes

Phone: 1-510-846-0755

My Mission and Philosophy

Business is not only done to put food on our table, but to be a part of our life that we love to do everyday.  It is a way to make friends, and expand our life to be more than just waking up every day and coming home to go to bed. Therefore, I look for business partners who share my philosophy.

If yours or my Company always had the lowest prices to the Customers, the business would not last very long.  Therefore, I want to create value as a stable supplier who works for you, in offering great quality, competitive pricing, and exciting new products available from the USA.  In addition, I want to have trust and mutual cooperation with my Customers, so our business goes smoothly together.  I treat my Customers as friends as well as business partners, in order for us to have the business go smoothly.

Jeff Lopes
Founder and General Manager